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11th Jan., 2018 – 26th Feb., 2018


New-icon3_Feb_2018 IISc researchers overthrow cancer metastasis dogma – The Hindu

New-icon7_Feb_2018 Pharmacists to help detect cancer – The Hindu

New-icon9_Feb_2018 New drug could reverse binge drinking effects on brain – The Hindu

New-icon21_Feb_2018 New superbug strain behind Pakistan_s typhoid outbreak_ study – The Hindu

New-icon21_Feb_2018 UK science centre names scholarship after Indian botanist – The Hindu

New-icon27_Jan_2018 Honey to heal wounds in diabetics – The Hindu

  • Multidisciplinary

New-icon10_Feb_2018 IIT-M in process of creating India-specific cancer genome database – The Hindu

  • Science

New-icon13_Jan_2018 A novel compound to kill cancer cells – The Hindu

New-icon20_Jan_2018 IIT Delhi develops a novel platform to test drug sensitivity in bacteria – The Hindu

New-icon27_Jan_2018 New wheat variety can help fight diabetes – The Hindu

New-icon10_feb_2018 IISc team identifies an early-stage biomarker for Alzheimer_s – The Hindu

New-icon10_Feb_2018 Placenta-on-a-chip developed to test drug transport – The Hindu

New-icon10_Feb_2018 SHERLOCK_ A new paper-based DNA test to rapidly diagnose diseases – The Hindu

  • Technology

New-icon9_Feb_2018 WhatsApp testing its payments feature in India – The Hindu

1New-icon14_Feb_2018 World_s first robot citizen to be guest speaker at Hyderabad IT Congress – The Hindu