NIPER-Ahmedabad library comprises more than twelve hundred books and around 30 international journals subscriptions, encompassing all disciplines of pharmaceutical sciences and technology viz. analytical chemistry, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, natural products, biotechnology and medical devices. It has ample collection of e-books, huge reading hall, photocopy facility, many Ph.D. & M.S. Pharm. thesis copies and NIPER workshop & conference Reports. The library is efficiently equipped with open source Library Management Software – KOHA. The software facilitates issue, return, notification, suggestion, and search related to library resources in Institute Local Area Network environment. It also reflects bibliographic information of the libraries shelf for ready access by users. Library resources and facilities being updated from time to time as per the requirements of the students as well as faculty recommendations. The library has elaborate arrangements for conservation and preservation of books, journals, and thesis for posterity. The library is also well equipped with a good collection of motivational books by Robin Sharma, textbooks from renowned authors including classic literature from the likes of Munshi Premchand, etc.Further, to generate curiosity and to inculcate reading habit in students, it is planned to equip Library with much more fiction, scientific novels, biographies, autobiographies, story books also.