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About NIPER-A Library

NIPER-Ahmedabad library comprises more than Sixteen hundred books (and their e-copy), 845 theses/dissertations, 199 bound journal (volumes), 18 print journals (national & international), and 230 e-journals from publishers like Science Direct, ACS, Nature, Springer, Taylor & Francis encompassing all disciplines of pharmaceutical sciences and technology viz. analytical chemistry, biotechnology, medicinal chemistry, medical devices, natural products, pharmacology, and pharmaceutics. It is also having rich collection of motivational books, historical books, literature books, science fiction books, novels, biographies, autobiographies, etc.

The libraray is equipped with state of art facility such as open-source library management software(KOHA), online public access catalog (OPAC), well managed reading hall, high-speed photocopier, NIPER workshop & conference reports, etc. Additionally, the library is also equipped with digital library software (Greenstone Digital Library, GSDL) for creating in-house institutional repository (publication and Dissertation theses) to allow online access to the students. Our Library has licensed the Turnitin software to check and identify plagiarism. SciFinder (Chemical Abstracts Service, American Chemical Society, USA) is the latest addition as an e-resource to support cutting edge research and innovations. Library resources and facilities being updated from time to time as per the requirements of the students as well as faculty recommendations.